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MEHDI SOHAILI, was born in TEHRAN on TEER 2, 1934. Three of his immediate grand parents were born in TEHRAN, and the fourth in SEMNAN. His mother was from the great land of ISFAHAN. He is survived by his wife, MEHRI and five children, SOHAIL, SOHAILA, SAMAN, SOHA, & SOROUSH. He conducted variety of programs in the IRAN RADIO for over thirty years. The most famous of these programs was MOSHAAEREH. The other programs were: KAARVAANI AZ SHER O MOOSEEGHEE, & BAZMEH SHAAERAAN. In 1957, 8 short stories of this great POET were translated & published in the Soviet Union. His literary works include the following books: ASHKEH MAHTAAB, SOROUDEH GHARN, NEGAAHEE DAR SOKUOT, LAHZEHA VA SAHNEHA, BIA BAA HAM BEGEREEM, CHEH KONAM DELAM AZ SANG KEH NEEST, CHASHMAANEH TO DAR AAYENAYE ASHK, AVVALEEN GHAM O AAKHAREEN NEGAH, BOUYEH BAHAAR MEEDAHAD, HEZAAR KHOUSHEH AGEEGH, MEHDI SOHEILI VA GHAZAL, PARVAAZ DAR ASEMAANEH SHER, YEK ASEMAAN SETAAREH, and TOLO MOHAMMAD. The other works of this great POET are as follows: KOLIAATEH SADI, KOLIAATEH SAAEB, GANJEH GHAZAL, GANJVAAREYE SOHEILI, KAAREVANI AZ SHER and ZARBOL MASALHAAYE MAROUFEH IRAN. MEHDI SOHAILI's first book of POETRIES is ASHKE MAHTAAB, published in 1347(1968.) This book has been published over 25 times since and is the HIGHEST PUBLISHED BOOK of POETRIES of any IRANIAN POET over the last century. MEHDI SOHAILI is the only CONTEMPORARY PERSIAN POET who solely dedicated his life to LITERATURE. His LITERARY work was the sole means of subsistence for this POET, which is unprecedented amongst his peers of his era. He believed in his God-given talents and abilities and dedicated his life to the PERSIAN LITERATURE & IRANIAN POETRY. His famous LITERARY radio show, THE MOSHAEREH, on IRAN RADIO, lasted 20 years until the IRANIAN REVOLUTION of 1979. In this program, a generation of IRANIANS learned about POETRY & the FARSI LANGUAGE. This highly ACADEMIC LITERARY PROGRAM was the longest running LITERARY SHOW on IRAN RADIO, and one of the top 3 longest running radio programs prior to the 1979 IRANIAN REVOLUTION.